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Pacificus Capital Management has the experience, skills, and resources to offer our clients high level services and solutions to meet their unique needs. We are devoted to the wellbeing of our clients and in assisting them in achieving their goals. We manage investment portfolios, build financial plans, and advise on both investments and risks. We serve individuals, families, small institutions, and nonprofits. We dedicate extensive resources to understand our clients’ objectives and implement tailored strategies to accomplish them.

Wealth Planning


We are focused on assisting our clients in meeting their life goals through the proper management of their financial resources. Our success is not measured by performance statistics but rather by our clients’ success in achieving their goals. We create highly customized wealth-planning solutions to address our clients’ unique needs that take into account and prioritize multiple objectives and their corresponding time horizons. Sophisticated financial planning software is utilized as an aggregating, forecasting and analysis tool that help to identify where our clients currently stand relative to their future objectives. We incorporate this analysis into a written client report that is revisited as time passes and circumstances change.

Portfolio Management


Once client objectives and risk tolerance are defined, we build and manage a customized portfolio that is specific to your profile taking into account liquidity needs and taxes. Individually developed portfolios are broadly diversified across asset classes and are centered on a core strategic allocation. There will be a target exposure for each asset class and an appropriate tactical range around the target. We invest in domestic and international stocks, real estate investment trusts, high quality fixed income, natural resources and alternative investments. The majority of portfolio holdings are liquid and can be reallocated quickly and at any time. We believe taxes must be considered and consult with our in-house tax expert on optimal design to maximize after-tax returns.

Trust and Estate Planning


Clients’ wealth transfers and philanthropic goals can impact the overall investment decision-making process. We work closely with a client’s estate planning attorneys and accountants to ensure investment strategies are consistent and incorporated into their overall wealth plan.

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