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Our practice beings and ends with the needs of our clients.


We are solely concerned with assisting our clients in meeting their goals through the management of their financial resources. We are a client centric firm that seeks to achieve our clients’ objectives through offering customized financial planning, investment management, and advisory services. The client is at the heart of everything we do.


Our clients must set their own goals.


It is our responsibility to educate our clients and assist them in defining, quantifying, and prioritizing their goals. We will give you our objective opinion even when we disagree with you.


We believe that conflicts of interest lead to poor investment performance.


We are fee-based investment managers that truly care about our clients. We derive our revenues from management fees that are simple and transparent. Sales driven firms that are transaction oriented and focused on marketing products have inherent conflicts of interest that may subtract from their clients’ wealth.


Taxes must be considered but should not take priority.


To us, the goal of tax planning should be to maximize after-tax returns, not to minimize taxes. Investment factors such as return objectives and market risk should take priority over taxes.


It’s not where you start, but where you finish.


We believe in taking a long-term view. Clients not only invest for themselves but also for future generations and philanthropy. Achieving long-term goals while navigating short-term market noise requires skill and experience. We take a long-term disciplined approach to growing our clients’ wealth. 

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