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Frequenty Asked Questions

Do you require a minimum level of assets to become a client? 


We believe it is our duty to assist our clients in achieving their long-term objectives regardless of their financial resources. It is the distinct situation of every prospective client that determines if we are a good fit for each other. 


Where will the assets in my account be held and will they be held in my name? 


Client securities and funds are segregated and held with our independent third-party custodian, Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions, (“FCCS”). FCCS is a Fidelity Investments company whose core business is the custody and clearing of securities. All client assets are managed in separate accounts that are in the client’s name. 


How often will I receive client reports? 


Reports are generated by our independent third-party custodian Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions and will be delivered on a quarterly basis, either by email or hard copy depending on your preference. You may also review your portfolio at any time through our website.  


Do you have full discretion in managing my investment portfolio?  


Yes, investment portfolios are managed on a discretionary basis. This means that we direct the investments within the portfolio based on the criteria agreed on in the written investment policy statement. Our discretion is limited to investment activity and only quarterly investment management fees can be deducted from your account.  


How are you compensated? 


We are a fee-based independent investment manager and do not have any internal products to market. Our fees are based on assets under management. The fee percentage decreases as a client’s asset under management increases.  


What will happen to my existing portfolio if I move to Pacificus Capital Management? 


We will oversee the transfer of your account to our custodian Fidelity Clearing and Custody Solutions. In general, there is no need to liquidate any assets. While we are likely to recommend changes to your portfolio, these changes will be implemented over time to so as to minimize any disruption. 


Will Pacificus Capital Management work with my existing team of professionals? 


Yes, we will work closely with your CPA, tax accountant, attorney, and other advisors.  


What is the process of becoming a client? 


We first meet with prospective clients to determine if there is a mutually beneficial fit. Prospective clients discuss what they are looking for and learn about our services in detail. If it is determined that we are a good fit to fulfill your needs, an investment advisory agreement will be executed with our affiliated registered investment advisor and your accounts will be established with our independent third-party custodian. Your signature will be required on the above documents in order for our management and advisory relationship to commence.  

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